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Manual Transmission rebuild kits, Torque Converters, Flywheels, and Flexplates.

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Manual trans Kits, parts, and Manual transmission

Performance, Billet, Heavy Duty, Stall Torque Converters

Performance Dodge / Mopar Torque converters

Performance Ford Torque converters

Dodge Cummins Conversion swap Torque Converters

Dodge Cummins Torque Converters

Torque converter for 700R4 4L60E 2004R TH350 TH400 4L80E 6L80E

Performance Torque Converter main page  

Forged, Billet, and Aluminum Flywheels For Standard Transmissions   We do transmissions right the first time!!


We are always adding and expanding our products, if you do not find the product that you are looking for please E-mail Kerry at American Hot Rod Solutions.

NEW For Manual transmission parts, kits, and Manual transmissions NEW 

And Transfer cases!

Manual Transmission Rebuild Kits,

Parts, and Manual Transmissions.

We are now offering Manual Transmissions and Transfer Cases!!!!!!

Example pricing below

Muncie M21 close ratio reman @ $1295.00 Pus shipping UPS $75.00 ($400.00 core)

Muncie M20 Wide Ratio reman @ $1295.00 Plus shipping UPS $75.00 ($400.00 core)

Muncie M20/21 NEW @ $2595.00 Plus shipping UPS $75.00

M22 reman @ $1900.00 Plus shipping UPS $75.00 ($400.00 core)

NV4500 Chevy reman @ $1475.00 Plus shipping Truck freight $140.00 ($400.00 core)

NP208 Transfer Case Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Jeep @ $975.00 plus shipping UPS $70.00 (100.00 core)

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We are building up our performance line right now so check back soon to see all the new products that we have added!!!!!

Shipping cost are approximate for the continental USA. For shipments elsewhere E-mail Kerry at the link below.



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